In the United States, over 60% of adults visit the dentist every year for a variety of reasons.

For those who are dealing with tooth decay, a tooth replacement is common. Millions of Americans have received implants, and this trend shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. 

If you think you may need a tooth replacement, here are some signs that you should watch out for:

1. Cracked or Broken Teeth

There are many reasons why a tooth may become cracked or broken, but once it happens, you’ll need a tooth replacement. When a tooth is broken or cracked, an infection can take hold inside the tooth itself. This is a painful problem and one that can have far-reaching health effects. 

While most people who deal with cracked or broken teeth are older, plenty of younger people are at risk. Hard foods, such as hard candy, are a primary cause of cracking or breaking teeth. If you grind your teeth at night, you may also weaken the enamel and cause cracking or breaking.

Another primary cause of teeth becoming cracked or broken are old fillings. If a filling is large enough, it can render the tooth structurally weakened. This means that it won’t take much for the tooth to break, even eating something hot followed by cold water to cool your mouth can do it. 

Sometimes you may not realize you’ve done anything to damage your teeth. As we age or fail to keep our teeth clean, we can weaken them so that regular use cracks or breaks them. It is possible that one day you will wake up and you’ll have a cracked or broken tooth. 

A lot of people live with small, hairline fractures in the enamel of the teeth. If there is no pain or associated symptoms, you may not need dental implants. The only way to know for sure is to visit a dentist.  

2. Missing Teeth

A large percentage of the population is missing at least one tooth. A lot of people lose teeth because of accidents, being struck in the mouth, or playing sports. Whatever the reason that you’ve lost a tooth, you shouldn’t leave this condition untreated as it can cause more problems. 

One of the biggest issues is that you can experience bone loss in your jaw. Another major problem associated with missing teeth is that your other teeth may become crooked. If there is a gap, the teeth in your mouth tend to move over time towards that hole. 

If you have a gap from a missing tooth, it can lead to feelings of anxiety or embarrassment. Life is hard enough without feeling self-conscious about your teeth. Don’t worry. You’re not alone when it comes to having a missing tooth. 

Missing teeth is a problem that a lot of people experience. Once a person is older than 35, there’s over a 60% chance that they have lost one or more permanent teeth. Due to the high prevalence of missing teeth, it is easy to think that you don’t need dental assistance. 

The longer you wait to have a missing tooth replaced, the more problems you’re going to encounter. The shifting of teeth and loss of bone in your jaw isn’t something that happens overnight. It will occur over years, but it is preventable. 

If you live in Kentucky and need a Georgetown Dentist, there are specialists who excel at teeth implants. Make sure that you find a good dentist that knows how to take care of implants. The procedure and results will depend upon their level of ability and skill. 

3. Loose Fitting Dentures

For those with dentures or partials, the fitting is important for the health of your mouth and jaw. If you have dentures or partials that don’t fit well or shift as you eat or talk, you are inviting trouble. Don’t struggle with your dentures anymore, look for Georgetown dental implants. 

Loose partial or dentures can lead to embarrassing situations. They could fall out while you’re out eating with your spouse or family. While it is possible to laugh off such events, what you can’t laugh off is the other medical issues that loose dentures can cause. 

When a denture or partial moves while you’re eating or talking, it rubs against the gum. This can cause damage to the gum tissue and result in pain and bleeding. You could also get an infection in these areas. Our mouths are not the cleanest parts of our bodies. 

Over time, not having a loose denture replaced can also cause permanent issues with bone loss and the location and function of your jaw. Tooth replacement is less painful than having teeth extracted, so there’s no reason to put it off any longer. 

Take back control of your life and appearance. Having implants won’t leave your face looking shrunken or cause you loss of bone mass. They will appear as normal, healthy teeth that are no different than your natural teeth. 

This also means that you’ll be able to go back to eating your favorite foods. You won’t have to worry about as much as you do with dentures or partials. Sticky foods and hard foods are no problem. 

Implant Specialists in Georgetown KY

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Tooth Replacement

If you need tooth replacement, don’t put off getting to the dentist. Waiting will only make your situation worse and could add health complications on top of it all. If you need an experienced dentist with all the necessary tools and equipment, contact us

You can get back to a smile that you can be proud of. Tooth replacement is easier now than ever, and we would love to help you.