Average adults lose around 12 teeth by age 50. While that is including wisdom teeth, that’s still a lot to lose if you aren’t getting replacements. Whether you have already lost a tooth or may need one taken out, there are many reasons to consider getting a tooth replacement after.

If you’re wondering whether or not having a dental implant procedure is the right choice for you, see if any of these symptoms fit. You might be in need of a new tooth and not realize it.

1. Tooth Missing

Missing multiple teeth or even one could mean being in need of finding dental implants near me. Missing a tooth is not always a big deal, but it can be in a spot where you need to chew a lot, or is seen often because it’s more toward the front.

Missing teeth should not mean anything about a person, but it may cause you to feel bad about yourself and your smile. If a missing tooth is throwing off your bite and causing pain in your jaw, a replacement could likely fix those problems. Consulting with a dentist about dental implants in Georgetown, KY, can help bring your smile back.

2. All Cracked Up

If you have a cracked or broken tooth, finding a local dentist to perform a dental implant procedure might be the best course of action. Cracked or broken teeth can easily become infected or break off more and cause problems when you chew or use your teeth.

A broken tooth could lead to more dangerous situations, causing infection in your gums and jaw, so getting it taken care of earlier is good prevention. A crown might be enough to take care of the problem, but it depends on the tooth and how serious the damage is.

3. Infection Imperfection

If you have an infected tooth, it might only need a filling. However, some infections can get much worse and be detrimental to your surrounding teeth and bone. If your infection gets so much, you may need to find the best dentist who can pull the tooth.

Once the tooth is pulled, it might impact your bite. Your teeth could end up moving in toward the empty space and cause other issues that might lead you to need braces to straighten them out again.

Getting an implant after having a tooth pulled can prevent that from happening. You can find a dental office in Georgetown to find out if an implant is necessary.

4. Painful Foods

If eating has become painful and your other teeth feel more sensitive to hot and cold foods and drinks, you might be in need of a tooth replacement. A lost tooth can lead to other teeth and the surrounding gums experiencing more sensitivity. It isn’t always a problem but can become one.

Eating should never be painful or uncomfortable. One-time pain might not be a problem, but if it is consistent you should see a dentist. If you’re no longer able to enjoy the food you’ve sat down to have, it might be time to fill in a gap.

5. Too Loose

If you wear a bridge or dentures and they become loose and aren’t fitting properly, getting a tooth replacement might be the answer. This can help you regain some confidence so you aren’t worried about your bridge or dentures falling out in the middle f the day or in the middle of doing something important.

Wearing a bridge or dentures can feel nerve-wracking when they aren’t on all the way. You can kick that anxiety aside with the right implant to tighten everything up again so you feel secure no matter what you’re doing.

And no matter where you live, you can usually find a place that does implants. If you live in Georgetown dental implants are an option you can and should consider.

6. Sunken In

If you decided to go with dentures a while back but have noticed some differences in how your face looks, you’re not alone. Dentures can often create sunken-looking features, especially around the mouth. This can impact not only how you look to others but how you feel about yourself.

Dentures don’t activate the jaw bone to continue healing and growing tissue, which is why the face can end up looking sunken. Getting dental implants can help revitalize the jaw and fill in those areas that have regressed.

7. Feeling Insecure

Losing a tooth that won’t grow back, or needing to have one removed, can cause a lot of stress and worry overlooks. It can greatly impact your self-esteem and your self-image. And this can also be the case when having a bridge, dentures, or partials.

If you find yourself hesitating to smile or covering your mouth, worrying about embarrassing yourself because of your teeth, it might be time to think about an implant. You shouldn’t have to think twice about expressing yourself when happy.

Getting a Tooth Replacement

Any one of these symptoms could suggest that a tooth replacement is in your future, and for the better. Don’t second guess your smile or worry about the possible damage a lost tooth could do to your bite. And the best way to know for sure if an implant is right for you is to consult with a professional.

The best dentist will give you a thorough check-up and explanation of your options. Whether an implant is right for you is your decision, but it could prevent further issues down the road.

No matter what your tooth issues are, you have choices. You can check out this dentist office in Georgetown that offers implants and see someone about your options today.