More than 40.5 million Americans have used some kind of teeth whitening product in their lifetime. The desire for a bright white smile is a common goal for many adults. And luckily there are several ways to reach that look.

While there are options that allow you to try to whiten your teeth at home, it’s better to search for professional teeth whitening near me and work with an expert. Whitening your teeth is best done with precision and extra care, which is more easily achieved by someone with proper training.

Before you decide the system you’ll use, check out these nine reasons to go with a professional teeth whitening.

1. Avoid Covering Problems

Discoloration on the teeth is most often caused by food staining or improper brushing over time. But occasionally it is a sign of something deeper and an underlying problem.

If you just go forward with a teeth whitening process without a check-up first, you may miss the problem and it will go unresolved. These are the kinds of problems that can turn into major ones that are painful and expensive to remedy in the end. Making sure your teeth are healthy before will give you peace of mind and the best results.

2. Faster Results

Working with a dentist for teeth whitening is often associated with much faster results than those you can achieve with an at-home system.

Most professional teeth whitening systems use products that have a much stronger active ingredient. It’s also often activated by a special light. These two things combined make it easier for the whitening to happen quickly, instead of needing to process over an extended period of time.

Depending on the exact system, you could see a difference in as little as an hour and only need one session!

3. Monitored Application

While you want a product with a strong active ingredient to get quicker, deeper results, those products can also cause damage to your teeth if not used properly. Too much exposure to these ingredients can lead to weakening in the enamel, which will eventually lead to a lot of extended problems for life.

A dentist who performs teeth whitening will know exactly how much product to use and the proper protocols to keep it safe for the teeth.

There’s no guesswork when you’re working with a professional. They’ll handle the application and monitor you throughout the whole procedure for the  best results.

4. Reduced Sensitivity

One of the biggest benefits of this carefully monitored process is the reduced sensitivity you may experience.

Tooth sensitivity is one of the biggest downsides to any whitening procedure and, unfortunately, most people experience it to some degree. Professional systems have been improving and reducing this side effect over the past few years. You can work with your dentist to find the right system that will give you the least amount of problems moving forward.

5. Variety of Options

Nothing in dentistry is black and white, with only one solution. Every mouth is different and will require slightly different things to achieve the same results.

A dentist who can whiten your teeth in their office will have a variety of options available to you.

You can choose from options using a paint-on product that’s activated by a light or a mouth tray that’s filled with the product and held in place for a period of time. Each one offers a slightly different result, so you can choose what will work for you.

6. Extended Results

Another benefit of this stronger active ingredient that can be used to whiten your teeth by a professional is that the results tend to last much longer.

These whitening systems penetrate deep into the tooth, getting every level of the staining. This allows you for a brighter end result where none of the discolorations is left behind. It gets the whole problem, giving you a clean surface to work with moving forward.

This is also why most professional whitening systems only require one session.

7. Maintenance Education

Those who get professional teeth whitening also enjoy extended results because they often receive a thorough education on maintenance techniques.

The dentist and hygienists will be able to walk you through what proper care for your teeth will look like. What products to use moving forward, what foods to avoid, and the best practices for keeping them as white as possible.

It’s easy to assume that once the teeth are white, they’ll stay white no matter what. But that isn’t the case and there should be a lot of care put into taking care of the new coloring.

8. More Complete Care

Even though teeth whitening is a very popular dental procedure, it’s likely not the only thing a patient needs to be done. Instead of having it be done separate from their other dental needs at home, teeth whitening from a dentist can be incorporated into their regular care.

Often these procedures can be added to a regular check-up appointment to make it easier to fit into your schedule.

Working with a dentist for teething whitening gives you a more complete care for your whole mouth, making sure you’re as healthy as possible.

9. Customized Treatment Plan

Your dentist has a very thorough understanding of your oral health and what the best ways to handle things are in your mouth. They will be able to work with you on a customizable treatment plan.

The best way to get the results your want is to share your full history and your end goals. They can give you expert advice on which products will work best for your specific situation.

Getting Professional Teeth Whitening Near Me

Feeling confident in your smile can change the way you see yourself overall. It can be a complete game-changer for your self-esteem. You can feel that difference soon after searching professional teeth whitening near me and finding the right dentist.

Most professional teeth whitening systems don’t require many sessions and show results very quickly.

If you’re interested in learning more about these procedures and your exact options, contact us today!